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Slipping Away


Yesterday was September 17th, 2021. I turned 81 years old on that date. I sat eating my cake and was disappointed there were so many people missing. So, I tried to think about all those years past and what did I accomplish. Couldn't come up with an answer so maybe the better way to explain is by simply saying there was a time when I thought I'd always have tomorrow, but that wasn't true because...


Precious Time Keeps Slipping Away

There was a time I felt no fear

and a time when I learned to shed a tear.

There was a time when I thought I'd never fail

and there was a time I should have made that call.

There was a time I made so many mistakes

and a time when I was taught what it takes.

There was a time I didn't even hear

and a time when the answers were so near.

There was a time I caused others so much pain

and a time I realized I was the one to blame.

There was a time I just sat down and thought

and a time I knew what that pain brought.

Do I have enough time to make up what I lost,

and time for me to understand what it cost?

Do I have enough time to start all over again?

Can I see the difference between now and then?

So time comes and time goes, that's quite clear.

Can I now create memories to forever hold dear?

Do I have time to open my eyes and look all about,

gather up my courage and take one more

Last Flight Out


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Large, bright green leaves have many perky, little yellow, daisylike flowers peering forth all summer long. It is a member of the daisy family.
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